Assessment, treatment, support and consultation service specialists

Assessment, treatment, support and consultation service specialists

Who are we

Aistear Forensic & Psychological Services was established in 2014 as a psychological practice based in Wexford, Ireland. We provide a number of services for individuals, couples, families and organisations to help empower individuals to transform their workplace, their friendships, their families and their lives.

We specialise in the assessment, treatment, support and
consultation services including for individuals who have engaged in a broad range of antisocial or criminal behaviours. Aistear provide services in both community and institutional settings, including prisons.

What sets us apart

We bring a high level of expertise in the provision of services to non-forensic and forensic clients. We focus on addressing the needs of children, adolescents and adults through the implementation of empirically based treatments and support people to develop and maintain creative, resilient and satisfying relationships.

Reflecting the cultural diversity in Ireland today, Aistear responds to the needs of all individuals regardless of culture, nationality or sexual orientation.

Practice Areas

Section 32 Report

Section 47 Report

Assessment of Parental Alienation

Assessment of Grandparents Alienation

Parenting Capacity Assessment (PCA)

Parenting Assessment Manual (PAMS)

Marschak Intervention Method (MIM)

Parent Developmental Interview (PDI)

Personality and Risk Assessment

Cognitive Assessment

Supervision of Professionals

Access Supervision

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)


Expert Witness


“An exceptionally professional service, that we utilise the experise of, time and time again.”

“We were immediately put at ease and found the whole experience a lot easier than we had anticipated.”

“I would highly reccomend Cornelia at Aistear, she really listened and understood my situation, with compassion.”