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Aistear conducts a range of psychological evaluations for children, adolescents and adults that examine behaviours of concern, including problematic sexual behavior, aggression, violence, and antisocial behavior. Our assessments are designed to offer information that will help in understanding the behaviours of concern, identify areas of vulnerability and strength, and offer practical recommendations to assist in managing these behaviours. Our assessments offer a detailed examination of the problem areas being presented, including factors contributing to these problem areas and assess risk, identify risk factors and propose risk management strategies. Our assessments consider these issues by holistically evaluating the individual’s psychological functioning and examining areas such as psychosocial environment, personality traits, psychopathology, coping methods and factors that may be inhibiting healthy psychological functioning (for example, abuse).
Assessments are designed to respond to specific referral questions and the needs of clients and referral agencies. As required, assessments may also include extended testing to evaluate issues such as cognitive functioning or deviant sexual interests and the inclusion of collateral information to corroborate and/or gather further information to optimize our ability to respond to the referral questions.
It is important to us that our assessments are individually tailored and provide meaningful recommendations that can be implemented to support the clients’ wellbeing and assist referral agencies in their case management. Issues addressed typically include treatment planning, treatment adherence, risk management strategies, placement and case management strategies. Recommendations are provided that may be specific for family/caregivers, social workers, case managers, probation officers, officers of the court, residential and support staff, allied professionals and school personnel. Recommendations are offered in the context of the individual’s strengths, limitations, intellectual capacity and psychosocial environment.


Types of assessments offered include:


Aistear provides comprehensive treatment planning and a range of treatment services for children, adolescents and adults who engage in problematic sexual, aggressive and antisocial behaviors. Treatment is provided in an empirically informed, strengths-based, holistic framework that is tailored according to the risk, needs and responsivity of our clients. Our treatment approach is person-, child- and family-centered and attachment-informed, and includes cognitive-behavioral, self-regulation and solution-focused methods. Because our clients tend to be largely influenced by the many systems and individuals with whom they interact (such as family, child welfare, school, justice, GPs, mental health and support systems), we practice within a multidisciplinary framework that promotes and cultivates collaboration and teamwork. Therefore, regular consultation with other professionals is an important part of Aistear’s process.

Expert Witness


Aistear specializes in providing comprehensive psychological reports for both civil and criminal cases. Based in Wexford town, Aistear provides services to clients throughout Ireland. In cases where a client is unable to travel to the South East, we will endeavour to meet them at a suitable alternative venue. Cornelia has prepared numerous reports for legal proceedings in both criminal and family cases and has given evidence as an expert witness on many occasions. Cornelia is listed in the Directory of Expert Witnesses, which is maintained by the British Psychological Society, the representative and regulatory body for psychologists in the UK.